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Top List of Baby Girls Names - Choosing Perfect Baby Names for Girls
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Top List of Baby Girls Names - Choosing Perfect Baby Names for Girls

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Author: Olinda Rola

Article source: Used with author's permission.

The list of baby girls names that are the most popular can help you when considering which names are the best baby names for girls. Choosing her name is fun for the parents, family and friends, and her name will be something she will live with the rest of her life. Keep these tips in mind when looking at the list of baby girls names and selecting baby names for girls:

1. Select names based on their meanings -- a positive meaning adds to the enjoyment of her name both now and later in life.

2. Decide if you prefer popular names or unique names. The list of baby girls names below are the most popular names in the USA since the year 2000. If you choose a unique name, be careful. Constantly having her name mispelled or mispronounced can be frustrating for her and everyone else.

3. Practice saying names for baby girls aloud. How do they sound? Say the entire name -- first, middle and last. Do they rhyme? If your last name is complicated, a simpler first name may work best. If your last name is simple, try simple first names and try first names that are more complicated.

4. Do the baby names for girls initials you are considering form any kind of word? The list of baby girls names that are most popular only provide the first name. Add your last name and middle names you are considering. If a word is formed, is it OK? For example, you will not want to create a name combination that results in initials such as BAD, NOT, WUS, FAT and so on.

5. Are there common nicknames that are associated with the names? Are the nicknames acceptable to you? Will the nicknames be acceptable to her?

Looking at the list of baby girls names that are the most popular is a fun and practical way to see what girls names are frequently used. Here is the top list of baby girls names given to girls in the USA since the year 2000.

1. Emily
2. Madison
3. Hannah
4. Emma
5. Ashley
6. Alexis
7. Samantha
8. Sarah
9. Abigail
10. Olivia
11. Elizabeth
12. Alyssa
13. Jessica
14. Grace
15. Lauren
16. Taylor
17. Kayla
18. Brianna
19. Isabella
20. Anna
21. Victoria
22. Sydney
23. Megan
24. Rachel
25. Jasmine

When selecting baby names for girls, remember that your girl's name will always be part of her identity. Stay away from funny names -- your child or her friends may not think it is funny. Have fun with the list of baby girls names. Choose her name carefully, a name that will have genuine meaning to you and your child. She and others will be using and living with her names for her lifetime. And since you know she's going to be a star, help her on that journey by giving her the perfect girls names that she truly deserves.

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