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The Top Diaper Bags for Stylish and Savvy Moms
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The Top Diaper Bags for Stylish and Savvy Moms

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Author: Stephanie Gallagher

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Forget bears and bunnies. Today's diaper bags are all aboutmom and her needs: The need to be organized. The need tofeel stylish. The need to have daddy lug the thing aroundonce in awhile.

First, some general guidelines from veteran moms:

1. Always, always, always try it on first.

And if possible, stuff it with as much junk as you plan tocarry on a regular basis. This is the only way to tell ifit's everything fits, if it's too heavy, and if it will beeasy for you to carry.

2. When in doubt, make it black.

Yes, the new Kalencom Retro Tall Diaper Tote in pink poodlesis awfully cute ($39.90 at Oh, but choosethis, and you don't have a prayer of getting your hubby tocarry it for you. Ever.

3. First functional, then fashionable.

It is wonderful that there are so many new designer diaperbags out there. But cool doesn't cut it when you're in themall with a screaming baby, and you can't find the pacifierbecause your diaper bag has no pockets or compartments.

What's New, What's Cool, What's Right For You

For the super-organized, highly-functional mom, check out:

1. The Lands End Do-It-All Diaper Bag ($29.50)

This bag is practical, well-designed and won't break thebank. It has an extra long changing pad, an adjustablestrap and a "parent pocket" to hold your sunglasses, cellphone and other grown-up stuff. (

2. The L.L. Bean Diaper bag ($36)

Roomy enough to carry everything you'll need, but not so bigthat you'll feel like you're carrying a suitcase, the L.L.Bean diaper bag is designed with function in mind. Forexample, it has a large zippered front section with the keyclip, so you can easily find your keys. Even more neat: Thelining is in a contrasting fabric color to make it easy tospot whatever you're looking for inside.(

3.The Functionally Arranged Diaper Bag ($119.99)

This has to be one of the most innovative diaper bags I'veever seen. It has a removable lightweight organizer insertwith compartments designed to carry diapers, bottles, etc.It also has a place for keys, cell phone, wallet, etc., anda strap that converts the bag from a shoulder bag to abackpack. Plus, you can buy slipcovers in differentfabrics, so you can change the look of the bag withouthaving to buy a new one. (

For the Cool Daddy

4. The Skip*Hop Duo Diaper Bag ($50)

What makes this messenger-style diaper bag cool is that itcan attach to the handlebars of a stroller, leaving youprecious storage space in the stroller basket. It has twointerior organizer pockets, a cell phone holder, pen holdersand two zippered pockets. It's a great diaper bag for dads,because the style doesn't scream, "I'm a pocketbook!"(

5. The Diaper Dude Bag ($49.95)

Another sporty, messenger-style bag, the Diaper Dude bagcomes in several manly colors, including black, gray andcamouflage. It's designed to wear across your chest, so itdoesn't look like a purse. It has handy clips for keys, apadded changing pad, three exterior pockets, and a removablecell phone pouch. (

For the Ultra Hip and Super Stylish

6. Carter's Diaper Bag tote ($9.98)

Stylish and affordable, the Carter's Diaper Bag tote hasplenty of room, but no special compartments. What's niceabout it is the sleek, microfiber styling, which makes itlook like a stylish tote, rather than a diaper bag.Currently on sale for 50% off at Babycenter(

7. Amy Michelle diaper bags ($195-$225)

Amy Michelle makes two diaper bags: The Camellia and theJasmine. You'd never know these were diaper bags. Theyjust look like elegant black purses, yet they have many nicefeatures for moms, including internal and external bottlepockets, a quick-release pacifier holder, an easy-to-findkey ring, cell phone holder, compartments for diapers,wipes, etc., a removable wet bag and a large side pocket.(

8. The Pursonality Messenger Bag ($120)

Fun and sporty, the Pursonality Diaper Bag in Sugar andSpice comes in a cotton candy color that will make you feellike a star. And it's practical too. The fabric is stain-resistant and easily wipes clean. You can convert it from ashoulder bag to a backpack, and it's designed so you canaccess all the pockets with one hand.(

Stephanie Gallagher is Author of "The Gallagher Guide to theBaby Years" ( Get a freecookbook when you subscribe to her ezine, The Shopping Mom'sWeekly Tip. Send a blank email to

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