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Potty Training Readiness Signals - Is Your Child Ready To Be Potty Trained?
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Potty Training Readiness Signals - Is Your Child Ready To Be Potty Trained?

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Author: Narmin Parpia

Article source: Used with author's permission.

So, you are thinking about potty training your toddler and you want to make sure that your child is ready.

If this is the case, then you are reading the right article!!

Listed below are the potty training readiness signals that will help you determine if your child is ready for potty training.

1) Physiological readiness signals for potty training are (Bladder & Bowel Control) :

  • Childs awareness of the need to go - demonstrated by squatting, grunting, hiding when child feels need to eliminate.

  • No BM's through the night

  • Dry diaper for long periods of time i.e. from long naps and/or in the morning.

  • Urinate a lot at one time (vs. a little through out the day)

  • Some regularity of bowel movements.

2) Motor Skills readiness signals for potty training are:

  • Is your child able to undress him/herself?

  • Is your child able to pull his/her underpants down?

  • Is your child able to pull his/her pants down?

3) Verbal and Cognitive readiness signals for potty training are:

  • Your child can follow instructions - from simple instruction such as show me your nose, to more complex instructions such as putting away toys where they belong.

  • Has the vocabulary required to follow your instructions - i.e. understands words such as potty, toilet, wet, dry, underwear, "big girl" etc.

  • Is able to imitate behavior.

4) Emotional growth and social awareness readiness signals for potty training are:

  • Desire to master one's own body and environment - manifested by "I can do it" or "I am a big boy/girl now"

  • Child's desire for parental approval

  • Child's desire to imitate and desire to be like others

You can also read the detailed article on potty training readiness; which will provide you with more insight into each one of these developmental stages to help you the parent better understand the readiness signals. You may also want to read the Typical Timetable or Stage(s) for Child Development that supportsPotty Training and Toilet Training.

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Narmin Parpia, inventor of the Potty Scotty™ and Potty Patty™ potty training dolls and Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Girls and for Boys. Narmin has been dispensing products, information and advice online at

Her products have been featured on the Today Show on Mother's Day and in May 2nd 2005 Edition of TIME Magazine. Her products have been feature on the various TV and Radio stations across the country. Articles about her and her products have also been featured in newspapers and magazines across the US.

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