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Educating Your Baby
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The Research, Findings, and Benefits Of Baby Sign Language
Baby sign language has been found in recent years to have nukmerous benefits when introduced to pre-...

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Establishing a skincare routine that keeps babies' skin healthy remains a challenge for parents, sin...

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Educating Your Baby

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Stammering Toddler (03 Jul 2007)
Some parents have the shock of hearing their young child start stammering as a toddler. I am somebody who runs a speech centre in Birmingham, England, I now help people to achieve fluency.

Baby Pool Floats Teach Babies To Swim With Fun and Safety (03 Jul 2007)
Teach your baby to swim in safety by using a baby pool float. When you are relaxed and calm knowing your baby is safe, your baby will be too.

How To Deal With Toddler Temper Tantrums (03 Jul 2007)
It's one of the few things your child can do that will make your cringe. A high-pitched, eardrum shattering, teeth grinding scream that goes on and on and on. Sometimes to the accompaniment of heels beating on the floor, or fists on the wall. You may have to duck as the toys start flying, because your toddler is having a temper tantrum.

Plenty of Time (03 Jul 2007)
Hurrying is antithetical to a preschooler's very nature. An essay on revering a child's pace.

How Toddlers Can Benefit From Using Computers (03 Jul 2007)
It's a fact of life that we live in an electronic age and computers are a bigger part of our lives than ever. It's unlike anything we've seen in the past and kids are learning to use computers at younger ages. There are steps a parent can take to ensure that their toddlers receive important skill-building benefits from their computer experience.

Language Development In Your Baby (03 Jul 2007)
From birth to one year your baby will go from crying to cooing to talking. Those are amazing milestones for your baby to accomplishment in such a short period of time as he develops his speech and language skills.

Your Baby And Social Skills (03 Jul 2007)
Your baby's first year is filled with many challenges and new experiences for everyone in your family. One of the many things that your baby is going to be learning in his first year is the ability to socialize and get along with others.

When To Start Teaching Your Baby (1) (03 Jul 2007)
When is it that I should start teaching my baby? That is a question that may come to mind for many first time parents; other parents may never consider the question at all, and just leave things to evolve naturally.

When To Start Teaching Your Baby (2) (03 Jul 2007)
Once a baby is born, learning goes to a new level; obviously and immediately. So it is wise to remember, every thing you do or say, in front of the baby, is part of her learning process.

How to Help Your Children Learn (03 Jul 2007)
We all want the very best for our children and that includes giving them the best possible start to their education. There is a great deal you, as a parent, can do to achieve this. Your priority should be to create an environment that is safe, loving and stimulating.

How Can I Teach My Toddler to Share? (03 Jul 2007)
Helping your child move from breast breast milk or formula to solids is a milestone for both you and your baby. However, it can be challenging for some parents. Here are some tips and tricks I've com...

Show Your Baby That You Read (03 Jul 2007)
When you take your child to the library, check out a book for yourself. Then set a good example by letting your child see you reading for yourself. Find out some more helpful tips on helping your child read.

Teach Your Baby To Read English (03 Jul 2007)
If your child's first language is not English, he or she can still become an excellent English reader and writer. See how you can teach your child to read english as a secondary language.

Learning Activities For Your Baby (03 Jul 2007)
Books and Babies - For babies from age 6 weeks to 1 year Sharing books is a way to have fun with your baby and to start him on the road to becoming a reader. Here are somethings you can do to help.

Helping Your Baby Develop Character (03 Jul 2007)
Children learn about strong character when parents and other adults in their daily lives set good examples. Check out he many ways you can help your child develop character

To Develop Your Childs Genius - Start with Your Unborn Baby (14 Jun 2007)
Easy and simple things to do before your baby is born, to increase your baby's intelligence.

Using Baby Signing To Communicate With Your Young Child (12 May 2007)
She can understand so much, but your baby can't tell you what she wants. It's enough to make anyone scream out of frustration! The answer is baby signing - the way to 'talk' to your baby before she can talk!

Why You Need to Teach Your Baby How To Swim (12 May 2007)
Dads! If you are looking for a special way to bond with your new baby, then this is it.

Reading to Children Are We Doing It Right? (12 May 2007)
It has often been said that young children soak up everything like a sponge. In this context, what exactly are they picking up from the stories we read them, and the way we read those stories to them? Are we subconsciously forming connections in their overactive little brains that could be better? Is our selection of stories undermining our intentions, not so much by their content, but by our attitude and approach as we read them to our young children? Read this, and see what you think.

Baby Speech Development - Lost for Words (22 Mar 2007)
As children are growing from todddlerhood to childhood parents are very aware and concerned about their child's development. One of the most grieved about concern is the development of speech. If you find that your child's gurgles are not developing into "mama" and "dada" within a short period of time, this will cause anxiety for most.

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