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Baby Showers
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Baby Showers

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Baby Shower Favor Ideas (14 Jun 2007)
With so many different aspects of a shower to plan, coming up with a baby shower favor idea is often the last consideration on a long list of planning. There are several unique, exciting and interest...

Planning a Baby Shower? These Tips Make It Stress Free (14 Jun 2007)
One of the most pleasant parties to plan has to be the baby shower. The mom-to-be gets so much attention and she can just sit back and enjoy all of the fuss. The key to creating this wonderful event ...

Quick Tips for a Successful Baby Shower (12 May 2007)
Here are guidelines or quick baby shower tips for hosting a successful baby shower party. Come and explore these quick tips. Read more…

Planning a Baby Shower (12 May 2007)
This article has information for the novice as well as the more experienced. Information is provided pertaining to when to plan the shower, who should give the shower and how to go about planning a baby shower. Also included is some historical background of baby showers for you entertainment.

Baby Shower Planning and Hosting (12 May 2007)
Hosting a baby shower? Here are some tips and suggestions to get you started...

Baby Showers To Remember (22 Mar 2007)
Every mother wants an enchanting baby shower for her new baby ranging from shower decorations to invitation. These baby showers are a mere cakewalk essential for the baby care by both the parents. Not only baby shower themes revolve around Rubber Duckies, Diapers, and Bottles but also involves like shower decorations, shower recipes.

Baby Shower Games For Your Special Baby Shower (22 Mar 2007)
Baby Shower Games: So you're holding a baby shower? Then you will need baby shower games to keep the guests entertained. While the baby shower is a good time to pamper the mom-to-be and make her feel very special there are also a number of guests that need to be kept happy for the duration of the event. Our focus here is on baby shower games, since these are always the most memorable part of any baby shower...

Baby Shower Themes For Your Special Baby Shower (22 Mar 2007)
Baby Shower Themes: Do you want to provide a baby shower that is great fun for guests, inviting and welcoming and also really relaxing for the mom-to-be? Read on about selecting and delivering a baby shower theme with confidence...

Baby Shower Invitations Ideas (22 Mar 2007)
The best baby shower invitations ideas are both practical and sentimental. Plan your baby shower the way you would any other celebration, starting with the baby shower invitation. Invitations let everyone know the details of the upcoming event. The baby shower invitations set the tone and the theme for the event. Everyone gets excited when they see a baby shower invitation arrive in the mail. Again, the best baby shower invitations are beautiful, simple, and informative.

Types of Baby Showers (22 Mar 2007)
There are different types of baby showers to cover just about any ocassion. Baby Showers have been traditionally for Ladies only. But in this day and age, you can plan a baby shower for just about any kind of group.

Baby Shower for Twins (Or More) Peas in a Pod (22 Mar 2007)
Baby shower for twins or multiples can be given when the mother-to-be is expecting twins or more. Having twins is twice as nice. But it's also twice as much work and twice as expensive. Fortunately for Moms expecting twins or multiples, there is usually someone willing to throw a baby shower to help ease the strain on the wallet.

Baby Shower Hostess Etiquette (22 Mar 2007)
Does baby shower hostess etiquette allow for gift suggestions, if yes, how? Here you will find numerous ways how the baby shower host can provide the baby shower gift suggestions to everyone invited in a most systematic way.

Baby Shower Gifts (22 Mar 2007)
While you want guests to bring a gift of their choosing, it is also important to encourage them to bring something that will make the parent's life easier, especially to use right after the birth of the child. Therefore, let each guest know in person or via the invitation that if they would like to bring a frozen meal or coupons for baby products or even their services, it would be greatly appreciated.

Baby Shower Games to Make Your Baby Shower Exciting (22 Mar 2007)
Baby shower games keep the party lively and entertaining: No two ways about it. Baby shower games when introduced in the party and managed well will make the guest want to stay longer and give your expecting mother a lot of warmth and fun.

When to Have a Baby Shower (03 Mar 2007)
When to have a baby shower is again a personal choice. It can be held anytime 4-6 weeks before or after the birth. Moreover, it can be held any day of the week and at any time of the day that is suitable for the mom-to-be, her family and the invited guests.

Baby Shower for Second Baby (03 Mar 2007)
Having a shower for second baby used to be considered greedy and unacceptable. But now it is not only acceptable, but it is actually necessary for some families to have a baby shower for second baby. Though mom-to-be may already have a lot of the major items from her first baby. Crib, stroller, high chair - she will need many other items.

To Invite or not to Invite the Dad to the Shower? (03 Mar 2007)
Do you invite dad to the baby shower? As per the old tradition, the baby showers are "ladies only" celebrations and generally the dad did not attend them. However, he would arrive at the end of the baby shower to greet and thank all the baby shower guests and the hostess.

Baby Shower Recipes (03 Mar 2007)
Baby shower recipes are available on the Internet and in various cook books. It is a great idea to have a wide variety of snacks, drinks, and desserts since people enjoy so many different things. Most people who are planning a baby shower plan a few simple appetizers. Some juice, pop, perhaps a punch, and some desserts such as cake and cookies.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording (03 Mar 2007)
If you need ideas for baby shower invitation wording, then here are some great ideas for you. Baby shower invitations contain important details of the baby shower event, but they need to be cute and fun as well. Wording for baby shower invitations can be easy to create on your own or you can go to several Internet sites for some of the best baby shower wording ideas available. There you will find all of the baby shower invitation wording ideas you will ever need. What you say is as important as how you say it.

What Happens When During the Baby Shower? (03 Mar 2007)
To be precise, anything can happen anytime as long as everyone enjoys it. There is no right way or wrong way—anything goes well. But the idea should be to make everyone comfortable and make the mom-to-be feel proud and happy at her shower.

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