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Baby Saftey in Cities
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Baby Saftey in Cities

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Author: Grant Carroll

Article source: Used with author's permission.

One of your main concerns as a parent raising a baby in the city is your baby's safety. The city does a wonderful job of offering a wide spectrum of culture and experience that cannot be found anywhere else. However, with that wonderful experience comes a host of possible dangers. This is not meant to scare anyone away from the joys of city living, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Health hazards, transportation and public playgrounds present possible dangers that should be guarded against.

With such a large population, it's no wonder that health hazards exist. Two big ones that affect your little city dweller are ozone and pollution. To protect your family from ozone, watch the news for ozone warnings. Usually, the danger time is from 1 to 5 p.m. so keep outside playtime in the morning and evening. Also watch for air pollution warnings and avoid outside play during danger times. You must also keep watch on the indoor air pollution. Try to keep the apartment ventilated and clean any window A/C units. Don't smoke, and if your child has allergies, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. If you live in a building or home constructed before 1978, keep a lookout for the dangers of lead paint. For all info on lead risks, contact the EPA's National Lead Information Center ( . The last two problems are mold and pests. Mold is best controlled by controlling moisture. If problems do arise, notify your landlord and/or clean it immediately. For more info go to . As for pests, everyone's familiar with cockroaches, rats and mice. The best prevention for all pests is cleanliness. Clean up any food spills or messes and tightly store all pantry food in sturdy plastic bins.

Large cities have many forms of transportation from mass transit to taxi cabs, and it's important to keep your baby safe while on the go. One big danger on the subway or bus is the presence of germs. Babies and toddlers love to touch everything, so try to keep them restrained and invest in some hand sanitizer. In case the train or bus makes a sudden stop, make sure your toddler is firmly seated at all times. If no seats are available, hold them as securely as you can, but usually people give up seats if they see you with children. As for taxis, be sure to bring something like a car seat or travel vest to strap in your little one. If you've ever ridden in a taxi, you understand how dangerous it can be for an infant or toddler. Also beware of intersections while walking as they are the most common place for tragic accidents.

As for playgrounds, also make an effort to inspect the equipment and surface even if it is owned by the city. Many playgrounds are not very safe for your toddler, so keep them closely supervised.

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