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A baby shower is often the highlight of an expectant mother's pregnancy. Planning a baby shower requ...

Does Your Baby Necessarily Need Shoes?
When you came up with such question, what will be your answer? You understand that your baby always ...

Oh Baby! Choosing the Right Baby Name
Naming a baby is an exciting part of being a parent. However, it is often no easy task. Here are som...

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Sweep Away Colic Baby Crying with White Noise (03 Jul 2007)
Recreating environment in the womb eliminates colic crying...

Infantile Cradle Cap - Symptoms and Treatments (03 Jul 2007)
The term "cradle cap" is generally applied to a condition manifested by scaliness and redness of the scalp found on many healthy babies. Cradle cap may look like dandruff, or even thick, oily, yellowish scaling or crusting patches on the scalp. Cradle cap is very common in babies and usually appears within the first couple weeks of an infant's life.

Should I Call The Doctor If My Baby Has A Fever (03 Jul 2007)
Sooner or later, your new baby will develop a fever. It would be a rare child who does not come down with some kind of illness that elevates their temperature. Babies can get fevers for a variety of reasons, and understanding the whys, can help you determine if you should call your doctor.

Better Health and Happiness for Your Baby (03 Jul 2007)
The design of your home has an amazing affect on the health and well being of your baby. If it is in harmony with nature, it will have a positive influence on young children. If not, problems will be...

Babies Born With A Cleft Palate Or Lip (03 Jul 2007)
Many babies are born with a cleft palate or cleft lip. What are the causes and treatment?

The Colic Baby (03 Jul 2007)
Discussion of baby colic, causes and symptoms, and solutions for baby colic.

Babies Suffering For Colic (03 Jul 2007)
Many babies suffer from colic - and you'll suffer too! What can you do to reduce the crying and how long will it last?

Baby Jaundice (03 Jul 2007)
Many babies contract jaundice within a day or two of birth. What are the causes and treatment?

Infant Circumcision (14 Jun 2007)
Cultural tradition and religious practices notwithstanding, there is no longer a medical or rational reason to circumcise a child other than for purely "cosmetic" reasons.

Colic Baby Bootcamp - Parent Survival Tips (12 May 2007)
10 Strategies for Surviving a Colic Baby Outburst

Baby Cold Symptoms and How to Treat Them (22 Mar 2007)
Do you know when your baby is having a cold? How do you care for a baby experiencing a cold? When should you take your baby to a doctor? This article answers these questions and more.

Its Not Too Late to Vaccinate Against the Fear of Failure Flu (22 Mar 2007)
Sometimes parents become so afraid of making mistakes that they take no action at all. What message does this send to kids? Should you protect your kids from the 'fear of failure flu?'

14 Steps To Reducing Your Infants Reflux (22 Mar 2007)
It's important to realize that not all babies with reflux will require medication or have difficulties with their reflux. Many infants, usually called happy spitters, will benefit greatly from these simple steps that you can start trying right now.

Is It Colic, Infant Reflux, Or GERD? Learn How To Tell The Difference (22 Mar 2007)
Colic, reflux, GERD. With so many terms being used almost interchangeably, it can be confusing and hard to figure out exactly why your baby may be crying so much. This article discusses the differences between the terms to help parents recognize the difference and get a diagnosis.

White Noise for Baby Stops Colic Crying Fast (22 Mar 2007)
Colic Remedy for Soothing a Screaming Baby...

Baby Acne (22 Mar 2007)
One of the most common conditions a new mother may see on her infant, is baby acne. But while it is startling in so young a child, it's really not a serious issue, nor should you be overly concerned about the causes or cures.

Soy Milk May Be Tied To Infant Deaths (13 Jan 2007)
Two New York infants died after consuming a mix of cornmeal and soy milk; two nearby supermarkets subsequently had all their stocks of both foods seized for testing.

What To Do About The Appearance Of Baby Acne (13 Jan 2007)
For nine months you waited for the baby to arrive. And when the baby is born he is just what you imagined him to be. Perfect and healthy.Upon closer look questions arise - Are they supposed to be this tiny, sleep so much etc. One of the first things parents notice about their newborns is all that baby acne on their cheeks. And baby acne is NOT something they expected...

Baby Massage: A Cure for Colic (06 Oct 2006)
Colic Hurts! Baby massage allows for intense and structured contact with colic afflicted babies - and has been accredited to the dissolution problem completely.

How to Protect Your Baby from SIDS (06 Oct 2006)
It is well known that putting babies to sleep on their backs is cutting the death rate from Sudden Infant Death syndrome by 38% The question is "WHY?" The answer is common knowledge in the United Kingdon, New Zealand and Australia.

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