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Baby Gender Differences
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Baby Gender Differences

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Author: Grant Carroll

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Since time has been recorded, we know society has made many divisions between the genders. Whether these differences are genetic or learned is still up for debate, but they can be seen from an early age. Many of these differences have to do with a child's developmental speed and behavior.

Each developmental skill has a range of time in which it is expected to appear in a baby. Each child moves at a different pace, but in general girls learn to crawl, walk and talk sooner than boys. Baby girls also become potty trained much quicker. Some of this could be due to the fact that a baby boy's nervous system matures at a slower rate, and some of it could be due to the fact that the a female strength is communication. It's easier to communicate to a baby girl how and why to do things. However, spatial intelligence is a strong point for boys (and for all men), so boys do tend to be better at certain sports. This is not to say that a baby boy's or baby girl's skills are predetermined from birth. There are boys who mature quickly and girls skilled in sports.

There are also behavioral differences that appear at an early age. As babies, boys actually cry more than girls which may be tied to the idea that they need more emotional security. As they get older, they cry less, but many say this is because of conditioning from society that boys shouldn't cry. Boys are also observed playing violently more often as in war games. This is most likely related to the male hormone, testosterone. Once again, this is not an absolute truth for all baby boys and baby girls. Whatever the case, don't let your baby be pigeonholed by society's definitions of gender.

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